Alfredo Eduardo Lazo


Over the course of several years, Alfredo has experienced many bands, some successful, some not. Since music has always been his passion he never thought, after thirty years
he's realized he has continued to stay strong. He has survived L.A.'s decade of decadence "Glam Rock scene", Grunge scene", and "Latin Cross Over scene".
At the age of 19, he joined his first band right out of high school called Thunderhead. In the fall of 1979, his first gig was at the Old Tully Stables. For the next few years he has performed in various garage bands. In the summer of 1982 he met his partner in crime
Kirk Airheart a tremendous guitar player out of San Jose Ca. They formed a band called Sweet Revenge. After playing countless gig's in San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, and Santa Cruz his interest leaned towards being more creative. That same summer of 82, his younger brother Rich introduced him to Mike Dinco a Bass player who was still attending high school. He noticed the ability Mike had to be able to write his own music.

Mike's brother who later came around, is also a musician, a guitar player at that. This had led a creativ partnership through out the following years and the the formation of a band called Krystal Jem which had a recording deal with A&M Records in (1983 -1989). 6 years later they reunited to form another band called Power. in 1996 parted ways after a deal with Navarre. Another project "Chastity" proved to be his training grounds for entering the amasses. The band played The Roxy, The Waters Club, Madam Wong's West and at a Country club opening up for groups like, Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant, La Guns and Y&T. No longer performing, he remained in Los Angeles there after and worked for a PR firm called Innovative Media, recording and writing consistently. He moved back to his home town in San Jose Ca. In 2006 a friend by the name of Zach Bolina had informed him of a spat as a vocalist in a tribute band called Zebop.

He has finally found his niche in the music business. Experiencing the sounds of African, Latinrock, rhythm and Blues combined and using everything he has learned in his past in this business. His term "I wish, I knew, what I know now" has come into play. He is honored to celebrate the music of Santana with these seasoned veterans. When asked to be part of this project by band leader Antonio Marquez, he didn't realized how fulfilling it would be knowing how Santana touches on so many styles that being part of this tribute band is never dull. Playing the music of Santana has given him the ability to explore many genres of music. The dedication to every detail that Zebop puts to the music allows us to expand our audience not only locally but nationally as well.
"I would like to give thanks to Antonio, Ernesto, Quique, Art, Dave, and Phill for letting me be part of this group. See ya soon."