Art Padilla


Art Padilla started playing drums at the age of 17 and has been playing ever since. Art's major influences have been jazz, Latin, funk, and rock music. He started playing in bands at age 20 by joining his first band which was a jazz trio requiring all his existing skills to contribute to a full sound. He then moved on to playing Latin, soul and rock in the next 2 bands that he was fortunate to join. As time went on, Art became well experienced at playing top 40 for many years after that by contributing to various groups and related projects.

In early to mid 80's, Art did a couple of projects with a group performing original material that utilized all his previous experience and talent. As a dedicated father and family man, he reduced his performances to a bare minimum as he raised his family. lie continued to listen to his favorite music and increased the number of performances over time. In the late 90's, Art auditioned for a band and there made contact with Antonio Marquez and Ernesto Angulo. In 2005, Art was asked to continue his involvement with Antonio and Ernesto in ZEBOP! the tribute to Santana.

Although Art loves all music and considers himself open to all types of music, his list of favorite playing styles include Jazz fusion, Latin Rock & Funk, and Afro-Cuban styles. Art also enjoys other styles of music such as Brazilian.

Art's equipment:
Sonar 6 pc drum kit
22x20 bass drum
10,12, 13 inch rack toms
14, & 16 inch floor toms
7x13 snare
Tama 3 pc drum kit (when needed)
12& 13 inch rack toms
1- 16 inch floor tom
Drum Heads - Evans
Cymbals - combination of Zildjian & Sabian
Double pedals; "Tama Iron Codra" Pearl "Eliminator"
Sticks - Vater & Zildjian
Various hardware - Pearl, Tama, Mapex, Sound Percussion