Jim Gaskill


A longtime resident of California, Jim has been around music for most of his life and has established a solid musical foundation that Jim still benefits from to this day.
While most other aspiring musicians were taking up guitar or drums, Jim was soon convinced to take up the bass and proceeded down that road. Being the bass player in most of his bands, Jim was soon
traveling with many groups, playing mainly at special functions in the area.

Later in his career, Jim's interests changed to Motown and the rhythms established by The Funk Brothers and is his favorite to this day. Soon Jim was hooked on the all the Motown Artist including The Temptations and all the classic music from the 70's.
Soon a past musician friend offered Jim an opportunity to jam with him if he played the bass guitar and several bands later, his success continued. Jim was pleasantly surprised to discover that much of his experiences on the bass have been positive. He put all his efforts into learning his instrument and has been playing bass ever since.

After high school, Jim had some local success playing in top 40's cover bands, performing at many of the local venus on a number of occasions, as well as local high school proms and other private events. Eventually, Jim settled down, started a family and focused his efforts on a business career path, but music always stayed with him in the form of acoustic jams, garage bands and others during the evenings and weekends.
Jim rejuvenated his music career a few years ago and after a stint in a few local bands, and most notably the band "Sangria " Zebop's guitarist, Antonio Marquez, heard of Jim's interest in joining ZEBOP!. Unbeknownst at the time, this newly formed musical relationship would open the door for Jim's next musical endeavor. When the bassist positioned opened up with Zebop, Jim had an opportunity to perform with the band, and recently has been fortunate enough to be named a member of Zebop!

Jim Gaskill's equipment:

1962 Fender Precision Bass Bass
TC Electronics Blacksmith Amplifier & David Eden 4 x 10 XLT Cabinet