Randy Allen


A Monterey County native, Randy started playing music beginning with classical piano training at the early age of four. As a teenager, Randy then became interested in various other music styles including rock, jazz and latin music. During high school in Monterey County, California, he won many jazz performance awards at various jazz festivals such the Orange Coast County and Reno Jazz festivals. Randy Was a music major at San Jose State University concentrating in jazz. He also studied under local jazz legend Smith Dobson.

Some time later Randy met actor/musician Daniel Valdez and helped record parts of the movie Zoot Suit soundtrack and its subsequent tour. Later, Randy would become one of the main members in Daniel Valdez’s Brotherhood Band. During this time, Randy began listening to latin jazz pianists such as Gonzalo Rubalcalva. .

Randy is an asset to Zebop and enjoys playing the music of Santana. During the 80s, Randy was in a local group named Bright Sky that played contemporary hits (Old School). During that period, that group opened for major artists such as George Clinton, Evelyn “Champagne” King, and Lakeside. .

Randy's equipment:
Roland Phantom X8
Hammond XK3c (Hammond B3 Organ Sounds)
2 stereo Direct Boxes for multi channel input into house mixer
Professional chords and microphones
Professional Two Tier Keyboard Stand
Vocal Microphone - Shure Beta SM58