Tomas Montano

Born in California and raised in East Bay, Tomas is a self taught percussionist inspired by music at an early age. He began to listen to a variety of music at an early age and was amazed at the sounds and rhythms of Latin Rock. Later, an opportunity found him filling an opening in a local band. He waited for the chance be behind the timbales.

When the opportunity came he traded his position as a drummer and purchased his first set of LP timbales and began to listen to all the Latin and Santana music. He began to practice constantly. At his first chance, he hooked up with other musicians and started on his path in various Latin Rock cover bands. The cover tunes ranged from Azteca, Malo, Sapo, El Chicano, and of course Santana. He thoroughly enjoyed playing Santana he waited for a chance to find musicians that had the feel for the music. He's been a fan since the early years. In the late 2010, after developing his timbale skills, he met an outstanding guitarist, Antonio Marquez, and became part of ZEBOP!.

After several years, Tomas still continues to perform with Antonio and does what he's waited for and it has paid off. Now he does what he does best with passion to the music. The dedication and inspiration of Santana's music has kept him going allowing him to continue to share the stage with such dedicated musicians as the one's that have become part of the ZEBOP!.

Tomas' equipment:
LP Karl Perazzo Signature Series Timbales/Antique Bronze with Gold Hardware 14" & 15" Remo heads
Remo Weatherking Ambassado Clear Drum Heads
LP Matador Wood Bongos - Almond Crown/Chrome (Remo Nuskin Heads)
LP Aspire Wood Congas, Conga & Tumba (with Standard LP heads)
LP Prestige cowbell
LP Bongo Cowbell
LP Salsa Cha Cha Cowbell
LP Jam Block
Gibraltar Hardware
Sabian Cymbal 18" AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash
Vic Firth World Classic Timbale Sticks
Tomas uses Shure Microphones, (4- SM57 & 1 Shure Beta), 1 Shure mic for timbales, with an On Stage clamp mic stands to capture sound from below and for Cascara, and 1 ShureBeta Condenser mie for bongos.